2024 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update

Now till the end of 2024, the City of Enumclaw will be working on a periodic update of its Comprehensive Plan. The 2024 Comprehensive Plan will be a road map that will guide the decisions that city officials and staff will make over the next 20-years. During this update the City will be seeking the community’s help to revise the city’s future vision and Comprehensive Plan’s goals and policies. 


Project and Reference Documents

Get Involved!

To ensure that the public is involved throughout the update process, the city has written a Public Participation Strategy . This plan includes a list of strategies that the City can use to engage with the public and at the end, provides schedule of when public participation opportunities will occur.

All public participation opportunities will be announced on the City’s website, in the Enumclaw Carrier, flyer posted around the city, and emailed to all interested parties included in the Comprehensive Plan email list. 

To be added to the Comprehensive Plan update email list and receive emails about upcoming participation opportunities and news about the update, please email compplan@ci.enumclaw.wa.us.


Upcoming Participation Opportunities

September 12, 2023 Transportation Open House

Description:     Join us for the fourth public meeting on the City’s Comprehensive Plan Update. Enumclaw is growing and this is the community’s chance to tell planners where they think there should be more focus on sidewalks, bikeways, trails, and future transportation connections.

When: September 12, 2023 at 6:00 pm

Where: Enumclaw Senior Center, 350 Cole St, Enumclaw, WA 98022

Meeting Documents:

Past Participation Opportunities


April 25, 2023 Kick off and Visioning Open House

Description:     The City of Enumclaw hosted a kick-off and visioning workshop for its 2024 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update. At the meeting was a presentation that included an overview of the comprehensive plan update process and provided a community profile of the City’s existing conditions. Then following was a community discussion on the City’s vision for the future.

Meeting Documents:

May 23, 2023 Housing Open House

Description:     The City of Enumclaw  hosted a housing workshop for its 2024 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update. At the meeting there was a presentation that included a draft vision statement and a summary of existing conditions of the City’s housing stock and projected housing targets.  Also there was a community discussion on housing types and scenarios that could be implemented to accommodate the City's projected housing growth.

Meeting Documents:


Land Use Open House

Description:     The City of Enumclaw will be hosting a Land Use Public Workshop or its 2024 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update.  At the meeting we will discuss land use options that can help the City accommodate its future projected population, housing, and employment growth.

Meeting Documents: 

Draft 2024 Comprehensive Plan

The City’s 2024 Comprehensive Plan will contain the City's vison for its future and sets policy and guidance to achieve the vision. The Comprehensive Plan will be be split up into nine elements and each element will provide an analysis of the existing condition, projections, and goals and polices related to its subject matter. Below is a list of the elements that will be included in the 2024 Comprehensive Plan.


  • Introduction, Vision Statement, Community Profile
  • Land Use Element
  • Community Development and Design
  • Transportation Element
  • Capital Facility Element
  • Housing Element
  • Natural Environment Element
  • Park and Recreation Element
  • Economic Development Element
  • Human Services Element

Every county and city in the state is required to conduct a periodic update of its comprehensive plan and development regulations, though the obligation varies on whether the jurisdiction is fully or partially planning (RCW36.70A130.1)


All cities and counties are expected to have their comprehensive plans and development regulations (including critical areas ordinances) updated by June 30 of their deadline year, with the exception of King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties, which have a deadline of December 31, 2024 for the current cycle. A jurisdiction may complete the periodic update process before its deadline, but this does not change the deadline for its next periodic update cycle established by law.