Comprehensive Plan

Enumclaw’s Comprehensive Plan (ECP) is a long-range policy document identifying the course the community should take to achieve its long-term goals and objectives. The Comprehensive Plan contains the community’s vision for its future and sets policy and guidance to achieve the vision. In addition to the vision of the future, the plan also includes “Elements” or "Chapters" that address a wide range of topics including land use, housing, transportation, capital facilities and utilities, parks and recreation and economic development.  The Comprehensive Plan also provides a policy framework that guides the City’s other functional plans such as the Park and Recreation Plan, the Comprehensive Water System Plan and the Comprehensive Sewer System Plan.

The Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A) contains requirements for the content of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, requires that the Comprehensive Plan be updated on a regular schedule, and requires that a Comprehensive Plan cover a 20 year time period. This 20 year time period is also known as the “Planning Horizon”. 

The City’s current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2016 and covers the time period from 2015- 2035. All current update materials can be found below under the heading "Chapters/Elements".


The document is intended to comply with the Growth Management Act’s requirements and to fulfill Enumclaw’s need for a strategic and tactical plan. It meets the state’s legal requirements while also providing the city a very practical guide to help its annual budgeting and work program assignments. It outlines concrete expectations, sets achievable goals, prioritizes transportation and capital projects and provides a clear vision for the distribution and development of land uses throughout Enumclaw and the surrounding urban growth area.


This plan is divided into 11 chapters or elements, with the final chapter for the human services element. These chapters include the mandatory elements required by the state, as well as several optional elements Enumclaw feels are important for the community’s future.

Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Chapters/Elements


General Sewer Plan Sept 2016