General Business Information

General Business Licenses

The City of Enumclaw requires all businesses that are located within or operate within city limits to obtain a city business license. A city license is required for any business that provides a product or service within city limits, even if the physical location of the business is elsewhere. This includes contractors, janitorial services, landscaping companies and other similar businesses.

Washington State Business Licensing

To gain a City of Enumclaw business license, you must first file a Business License Application (or renewal) with the Washington State Business Licensing Service.

Washington State Business License applications and renewals may be filed online or by mail with the State Business Licensing Service. For more information, please view the Business Licensing Service website or contact them directly:
Ph: 800-664-1400

​Need assistance with your Business License Application through the Dept. of Revenue? Click the link below for
step-by-step assistance with the Business Licensing Wizard.

Prospective Business Owners
Before you apply for a business license, there are some additional things you should know about city requirements.

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