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Feb 04

Mayor’s Message for February 2020

Posted on February 4, 2020 at 10:58 AM by Jan Molinaro

Keeping your home safe from fires should be a priority for everyone. Some simple steps are recommended by fire experts that can assist you in this annual home review. If your smoke alarm is older than ten years it is suggested that you consider replacing it. These alarms are made to function for ten years. Installing new alarms could protect you with smoke-sensing technologies and new safety features. With this new smoke advancement technologies has been the development of a ten-year sealed battery smoke alarm. These are designed to reduce the chances of false alarms and provide a battery that does need to be remembered in replacing. There is also dual sensor alarms in the market for your home. These dual alarms are made for both detecting smoke as well as fires which have a smoldering fire. It is suggested that smoke alarms be installed at the top of each staircase and one in every bedroom or sleeping area. Check with fire experts on the exact number of alarms needed for your home and placement, to assure you feel adequately covered.