Proposed Community Center

Community Center Bond 2024

The city’s vision is to serve residents for generations by caring for youth, adults and seniors through excellent public services and programs.

How We Fund City Services

Residents, businesses, and visitors are all essential to fund city operations. City services include police, planning, economic development, parks, streets, sidewalks, public facilities, and some utilities. The city funds these services through a:

  • Property tax
  • Tax on some utilities
  • Sales tax

The city’s property tax is limited by law to a one percent revenue increase per year. The city retains only 0.0085 percent out of the 8.8 percent sales tax it collects (or $0.85 cents per $100 purchase). In addition to these revenue limitations, the city must seek voter approval for any tax increase.

We Want To Be A Leader in Bringing People Together

The city wants to bring people together to create understanding and help all residents thrive with programs and services. The city is developing plans to provide a community center that offers activities for young families, an athletic center, space for community events (concerts, theater, street fairs, and festivals), and a senior center.

We Are Securing Private Donations To Reduce Impacts on Taxpayers

The city cannot finance the community center through its general fund without significant cuts to other city services, such as police, fire, parks, and streets. Most community facilities are funded through voter-approved bonds. The city is asking voters for a bond projected at $0.30 per $1,000 of assessed property value on the April 23, 2024, special election ballot.

The city has identified $3.35 million in grants and city funds for the project and is pursuing other grants and private donations to further reduce the amount of funding needed by taxpayers. These alternative funding sources are contingent on the bond passing.

What will the bond cost?

The average homeowner of a $500,000 home would pay $12.50 per month or $150 per year for the community center.

Why can't the senior center be remodeled?

The current senior center building was built in 1928 and was occupied by a former garment factory, grocery store, and an automotive dealership. It was not built to serve as a community center, and it cannot accommodate the growing needs of the city’s senior population. The building needs major repairs and isn’t big enough for seniors to exercise safely, attend classes or enjoy meals together. Additionally, the estimated cost to renovate the building exceeds the value of the building.

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***December 6, 2023 News Release***

***November 13, 2023 News Release***

Enumclaw Wants Your Input

Letter to the Editor: Enumclaw wants your input on possible community center – The Courier Herald (May 31, 2023)