To the citizens of Enumclaw and Enumclaw City Council Members,

The City of Enumclaw’s budget process began on July 1st and with its publication on October 1st is not

the end but the beginning of decisions that will affect our city and local government. As a community we

are in constant change from where we were yesterday. The budget that is being submitted, reflects that

evolution. There are some increases and some decreases in 2019, but as the city has experienced

growth in 2018 it was essential that its dollars were properly reflected into areas to assist in servicing

that growth.

The State of Washington, which mandated the Growth Management Act, propelled the city and city

council to plan for our growth, in both population and jobs within our current boundaries. Over the last

three years Enumclaw has experienced this planned growth. With a balance, local government needs to

carry out strategies to provide services that are efficient and applicable to our community as a whole.

In having to moderate our approach to what is a core service which local government and taxpayer

money should provide, certain decisions and reallocation of funds needed to be implemented. Our

community has a deep history of non‐profits and volunteerism. It is hoped that groups will step forward

to continue that wealth of volunteering when the city steps aside.

In strengthening our capital reserves, especially when the economics of our city is strong, is not unlike

the squirrel storing food for the winter. We know that now is the time to provide for the unknown

events ahead, an economic slowdown, that at some point will occur. When the economics do turn and a

strong reserve, it can put the city into a position of making decisions without panic as there will be that

financial cushion local government can rely on to function, while determining the severity of the

economy and which future approach might be needed regarding the city budget.

This reserve account needs to be maintained at the proposed levels allowing for the unpredictable

economic future. Squirreling away needed funds now will hopefully prevent drastic action later.

In 2018 the city has seen the implementation of the Stormwater Utility. Revenue to operate this utility

and fulfill its environmental requirements was supported by the general fund in prior years. Careful

consideration on utilizing these funds need to be measured. With sizeable capital projects facing the city

in the near future, such as the pool, Expo buildings owned by the city, the old Public Works shops

building and City Hall, these projects need to be carefully planned. Deferred maintenance in many of

these areas cannot go without plans to repair for continued use for what hopefully will be used for

decades to come.

As many dog owners know the new dog park opened in September of 2018 with barking reviews. A few

additional items will be added in the near future. Keep your nose into the wind when this will be


Specific items in the budget to highlight;

‐ Adding a Rover in Public Works to assist in multiple services with our growing city.

‐ Senior Center office assistant staff hours increasing from .40 FTE to .50 FTE.

‐ Custodian from PT to FT. Allow for city facilities to have detailed cleaning.

‐ A 10% decrease in sewer rates resulting in the average monthly bill per home decreasing $8–12.

‐ No increases for water or natural gas utility rates

‐ Solid waste rates to increase due to disposal fees increases by King County and Waste

Management. Some residents could see a decrease of $3 or an increase of up to $9. All

depending on the cart size used for garbage and recycle.

‐ Increase in funding for some non‐profits.

‐ Add Parks Maintenance worker.

‐ Solid waste position change to a lead position that will assist the Public Works Operations

Manager in their departmental duties.

The budget for 2019 is responsible and efficient with consideration for current growth in providing core

services to our community. Below are some items the city should accomplish in 2019.

‐ The city should continue to experience growth in development within current boundaries which

would be reflected in city revenue from new homes, both in impact fees and sewer/water hook


‐ Plans to continue to upgrade existing parks with new equipment for our kids and families.

‐ Discussions continuing for development of city owned property which is to include a pavilion.

Interested parties and the city have had some initial meetings with more to follow.

‐ Additional street repairs and maintenance will continue in various areas of our city. Analysis by

city engineers provided the critical data of streets needing repair. Street locations can be found

on the Public Works Facebook page.

In closing I wish to thank all city employees for their hard work and dedication to the city. They all make

this city function daily. Also, every citizen that has and continues to volunteer on commissions and

boards. Without you stepping up to assist your local government we would not be able to proceed in

many decisions.

In 2019 I hope we move together towards the same goal, providing the citizens of Enumclaw with the

highest level of core services with efficient spending.

Best wishes,

Mayor Jan Molinaro

2019 Adopted Budget