Meter Program

Beginning in 2018 and extending into 2021, the City will be implementing a program to replace all manually read water meters with a wireless, automatic read system.  This is following a three-year program from 2014 to 2016 that converted the City’s gas utility meters to a new automatic read system.  

The City has already received benefits from the gas meter replacement and should receive the same benefits from the conversion of the water meters.  The automatic meter reading reduces the labor costs to the utility, which improves efficiency.  As the utility and the City are expanding, we are now doing more work with essentially the same labor force as 15-20 years ago due to this increased efficiency.  At the same time the automatic meter reading system will streamline the meter reading process and have added benefits including advanced leak detection.  

This advancement will do things like detect serious leaks or valves unintentionally left open that can significantlyincrease water bills. The automatic meter reading provides usage data and enhanced reporting and customer use information such as the ability to read a meter from the office for account close out or starting service with real time information.

Customers converted to a new meter will have additional consumption in their next billing cycle after meter conversion due a shift in the meter read date from earlier in the month to the end of the month.  This is a necessary change to coordinate meter reads on the auto read system to the same day at the end of the month.  This shift means there will be more consumption charged for that month than normal.  

If you have questions regarding your water bill, please contact the City Utility Billing office at 360-825-3591.