2017 Planning Commission Work Plan/Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The Comprehensive Plan contains the community’s vision for its future and sets policy and guidance to achieve the vision. In addition to the vision of the future, the plan also includes “Elements” that address a wide range of topics including land use, housing, transportation, capital facilities and utilities, parks and recreation and economic development.  The Comprehensive Plan also provides a policy framework that guides the City’s other functional plans such as the Park and Recreation Plan, the Comprehensive Water System Plan and the Comprehensive Sewer System Plan.

Update Schedule and Documents

The Planning Commission has started preliminary review of the work plan for the year. The work plan can be downloaded *here*. Once the commission has reviewed all of the items a Public Hearing with the Planning Commission will be scheduled, environmental review will be completed and a recommendation will be made to the City Council. As part of this year's amendments, they City Council has tasked Planning Staff and the Planning Commission to revise the city's Sign Code. This is due to recent court cases. The goal of the revision will be to update our sign codes to reflect recent court decisions, make amendments for new technologies and make the codes easier to read and implement. City staff is working on a Request for Proposals (RFP) and will select a consultant soon. This process will likely include and open house as well as solicit comments from the business community, citizens and elected representatives. 

If you would like to be notified of open houses or other related information or would like to provide comments, please email compplan@ci.Enumclaw.wa.us. Here is a copy of the proposed public participation program *click here*.


SIGN CODE UPDATE - Amend Title 19 regarding signs within the City.

The city issued a Request for Proposals to hire a consultant to help the city with formulating and draft a new sign code. Proposals are due April 21, 2017 by 4:30 PM. Sound Municipal Consultants were selected to update the sign code. Below is information related to the process to include a timeline, public participation plan and any deliverables from the Consultant. Sign Code open house is scheduled for October 30, 5 pm to 7 pm. This project has been moved into 2018. 


Take our Sign code survey. One for citizens and one for businesses. 

SINGLE FAMILY DESIGN STANDARDS - Planning Commission packets regarding SFR Design Standards are provided above. Below is a copy of the proposed DRAFT Regulations. These would apply to all new Single Family Residential Home construction within the city, except in the Planning Unit Development Districts (PUD), where homes are subject to individual design guidelines. These regulations will ensure that homes are built to an appropriate scale to the neighborhood, garages will not dominate the front facade, all homes will be constructed with either a porch or stoop (minimum of 50 SF of floor area) and window trim will be required on facades facing a street. The regulations will also provide a process to deviate from the design standards with approvals from the Design Review Board as well as an appeal process.

DOWNTOWN PAVILION PLAN - This is a plan for a downtown pavilion. The city has contracted with BHC Consultants to help with the formulation of the plan. Information is provided below:

On October 26, 2017 the Planning Commission made a recommendation to the City Council to adopt the Findings and Conclusions contained within the Staff report and recommended that the City Council Adopt the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Amendments and Planning Commission Work Plan Items. The recommended items are below:

All comments can be emailed anytime up to the close of the Public Hearing by the City Council tentatively scheduled for November, 2017. Please email comments to compplan@ci.enumclaw.wa.us