From the Mayor's Introduction of the 2010 Budget:
"I am presenting to you the 2010 Adopted Budget. This budget is built on the concepts of no new taxes or charges, maintaining solid support for core services, and maintaining a portion of all current city services. In 2009, we have seen a continued decline in sales tax coupled with a steady decline in consumer spending, including fees for services, real estate excise tax, and permit processing.

With the continuation of the stunning collapse of the national economy, and with Enumclaw now in its full grasp with no clear end in sight, it is time to take a new direction with the 2010 budget. This direction will take leadership, but will provide for a sustainable financial plan going forward in these economic times. In order to set the city on this course, the council will have to wrestle with and make many difficult decisions. However, these decisions must be made in order to reduce overall organizational expenses to keep them in line with our continuing decline in revenues...

In 2010, we have taken drastic steps to reduce expenditures in order to maintain a stable financial position. The 2010 Adopted budget has been developed by keeping a close eye on the ever changing, mostly downward, economy. With anticipated shortfalls in sales tax and other revenue areas, the 2010 Adopted Budget has been balanced using a combination of staff and program cuts, position freezes, and reserves.

The overall 2010 Adopted Budget is down $22,113,638, or 32%, from the 2009 Adopted budget, generally as a result of the completion of the wastewater treatment plant. Also of note, is the proposed reduction of nearly $1.2 million, or 10%, in the general fund budget and $777,200, or 6%, in the special revenue funds that is principally the result of reductions in personnel hours, positions, and projects."

Budget Information
For further information on the 2010 Budget, please contact Finance Director Stephanie McKenzie at 360-615-5629 or via email.