Citywide Pavement Preservation Project No. 1701

This $2.6 million project will provide much-needed pavement repair and preservation work on portions of our city-wide street network; which also requires to replace ADA curb ramps and affected curbing and sidewalk along those affected street frontage right-of-way and intersections. The majority of the project is funded through the Enumclaw Transportation Benefit District’s (TBD) $20 car tab and 0.1% sales tax. The project will also repave 244th Ave SE, Warner Avenue and McHugh Avenue, which are funded by Washington State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) Arterial Preservation Project (APP) grants.  (see map for streets below)
Enumclaw Pavement Preservation Project No. 1701 - Street Locations


This project is to begin construction by late May 2017. The project requires to upgrade curb ramps at the intersections along the way, as required by Title II of the American's with Disabilities Act. The project should be completed by September 2017.

The construction contract was awarded by City Council on April 10th, 2017 to
Puget Paving and Construction, Inc. of Lakewood, WA.

City Contact:    Scott Woodbury, PE
                         Assistant Public Works Director